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Terms of Use

This website is operated by UINICS CO.,LTD (hereafter "the Company"). Please read the following terms carefully, and agree to the following terms and use this website. And please make sure some services on this website need your agreements for terms of those services to use.

  • Copyright
    1. Copyrights of this website and all texts, photographs, images, musics, and all other works on this website (hereafter collectively "materials") belong to the Company, original author or other right holders.
    2. Except in the case of printing, recording, etc. for private use, and in other cases permitted by copyright laws, any unauthorized use of materials such as copy, broadcast, distribution, change, cut, repost on your website, etc. (hereafter "use, etc.") without permission of copyright holders in advance is prohibited by copyright laws. When you use materials, please obtain permission of the Company in advance. If materials include portraits or copyrights, trademarks, etc. of third parties or the Company considers it isn't appropriate, the Company may reject your use, etc.
    3. When you use materials with permission of the Company, please add copyright notice that the Company prescribes. You can not change and cut copyright notice without permission of the Company in advance.

  • Limitation of Liability
    1. The Company makes no representations or warranties of accuracy, usefulness, certainty, etc. of materials and information on this website etc. (hereafter collectively "materials, etc."). The Company isn't liable for any damages because of using materials, etc.
    2. The Company may change or stop structures, terms of use, URLs, materials, etc. on this website without notice. And the Company may suspend or stop operating this website without notice.

  • Links
  • If you agree to all conditions on this website -irrespective commercial purpose , non-commercial purpose, Internet, Intranet , you can link to this website (including publishing URLs of this website on publications such as magazines, books .etc.). Especially, please read the following terms carefully, follow them. And you don't need to contact us when you link. (Hereafter third party's websites not including us that are linked from/ to this website are referred to as "link websites") link websites are managed and operated by individual administrators at their own risk, so the Company doesn't administrate them. When you use link websites, please follow individual terms of use and use those websites. The Company isn't liable for any claims for damages, complaints, etc. including compensation for damage from third parties for materials of link websites or using them. The facts that link websites link to this website and this website links to link website don't mean that we let you know, guarantee, support or recommend using link websites, products, services and companies. etc. And that doesn't mean that the Company and link websites have special relation ship such as cooperation.

    1. We don't promise to retain information and URL of this website eternally, so we may change, stop, delete them without notice. Please manage link websites such as modifying URL by individual administrators at their own risk. The Company isn't liable for any damages for link websites or operators, readers or third parties of link websites because of linking to this website.
    2. Please link to this website in text link type.
    3. When you link to this website, refer to "title",etc. of linked page and describe a page name correctly.
    4. We don't allow to be linked from the following websites.
      • Websites that include contents that slander or libel the Company, executives or employees of the Company
      • Websites that include contents that slander or libel products or service of the Company
      • Websites that include contents that are contrary to public order and morality and may damage confidence or dignity of the Company
      • Websites that include contents such as criminal acts, that cause/ may cause criminal acts
      • Websites that provide information that is/may be against laws, ordinances or regulations
    5. If we find that your website is against either of the above terms, or we order you not to link to us, make sure you have to follow our order.

  • Browsers
  • We recommend the latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari when you use this website.
    This website may indicate an unintentional display because of settings of a device that you use, some browsers or applications.

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  • Please contact us here, if you have any questions about this website.