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Privacy Policy

UINICS CO., LTD.(hereafter "the Company") recognizes importance of personal information that the Company obtains from stakeholders, and the Company thinks that protection of personal information is a fundamental of company activities and one of the most important matters in management. The Company establishes the following fundamental policies, lets all employees know those policies properly and obey those in order to provide comfortable, secure and reliable services for customers.


  • Fundamental policies
    1. The Company obeys Personal Information Protection Law, related laws and other regulations and rules. And the Company establishes company conditions of personal information (hereafter "the Company conditions"), keeps to obey and continues to improve those conditions.
    2. The Company establishes a management system for personal information, and lets our executives and employees know the Company conditions properly and makes them obey those conditions.
    3. The Company uses personal information within purpose of personal information usage that the Company defines. And the Company doesn't disclose and provide personal information that customers provide to third parties without permission of customers.
    4. The Company keeps to have personal information be the latest state, prevents unauthorized access to personal information and divulging, lost, damage, etc. of personal information, and continues to improve and correct information security.
    5. The Company replies to inquiries about personal information and requirements of disclosure from customers faithfully and quickly.

    The Company obeys laws related to personal information protection, guidelines and this Privacy Policy.


  • Purpose of personal information usage
  • When the Company collects personal information from customers, the Company defines purpose of personal information usage in advance and uses that within the purpose of usage. If the Company needs to use personal information of customers beyond purpose of usage that the Company defines in advance, the Company informs customers that and uses personal information after customers permit. Purpose of personal information usage that the Company has are as follows.

    1. Personal information of customers
      1. Contacting customers
      2. Sending products, documents, etc.
      3. Sending information about services, events, etc.
      4. Providing customer support and maintenance
      5. Replying inquiries and consultation
      6. Providing various membership services
      7. Developing services, having questionnaires and monitoring
      8. Performing contacts
    2. Personal information of applicants for employment
      1. Providing recruiting information for applicants for employment and contacting them
      2. Managing recruiting activities of the Company


  • Collection of personal information
  • The Company obtains personal information by legal and fair means.


  • Disclosures of personal information
    1. The Company doesn't disclose personal information to third parties except for the following cases.
      1. When customers agreed to disclosure.
      2. When the Company is required to provide personal information in response to legal process.
      3. When it is necessary to disclose personal information to protect the life, body and property of customers,and it is difficult to obtain permission of customers.
      4. When the Company places third parties to use personal information within the range necessary for achievement of purpose of usage.
      5. When the Company carries out business successions because of merger, company split or transfer of business, etc.
    2. The Company may disclose addresses, names or phone numbers of customers to companies or distributors related to the Company when the Company considers there is no problem that those companies or distributors reply to inquiries from customers or provide service for customers regardless of the above 1. In this case, customers are able to have the Company not to disclose personal information to those companies, etc. related the Company.


  • Contact us
  • Please contact us here, if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or handling personal information etc.


  • Others
    1. Access logs

      On the website ( hereafter "this website") that the Company operates, the Company may obtain access logs to provide better service. Please note that in advance. The Company won't identify personal information of customers by obtaining access logs.

    2. Cookies

      This website uses cookies on some parts of this website for convenient usage. The Company considers cookies and IP address aren't personal information because the Company can't identify customers by those information. And customers can refuse to provide cookies by browser settings.